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We are Roza and Yarden, the couple behind Nomadstwogo.

Welcome to Our Digital Nomad Journey

Hello, world wanderers! We’re Roza and Yarden, a couple who embarked on a digital nomad adventure in 2020. From working in the police force and software development to starting our own company that encompasses graphic design, blogging, and AI automation, our journey has been nothing short of transformative.

The Birth of Our Business

Our dream was simple: travel without time constraints and immerse ourselves in the cultures of the countries we visit. This dream led us to create Pixtory, our nomadic studio, which has grown and diversified over time.

Adventures Across the Globe

Having lived in over 30 countries, our adventures have been vast and varied. But like many, our plans took a twist with the onset of Covid. From waiting months in our home country to unexpected wedding bells, our journey has been a rollercoaster.

The Essence of Digital Nomadism: Carve Your Own Path

Throughout our travels, we’ve learned the essence of digital nomadism: there’s no “right way.” Everyone’s journey is unique, and it’s all about finding what works for you. Whether you’re into nature, impressive architecture, or parties (or parties in impressive buildings!), the world is your oyster.

Greetings from Bali: Our Current Stop

Currently writing from the picturesque Bali, we’re always on the lookout for our next adventure. Our blog is not just a chronicle of our travels but a testament to the fact that change is possible, and the right path is the one you carve for yourself.

Connect with Us: Sharing the Nomadic Experience

If our story resonates with you or if you’re nearby, don’t hesitate to reach out. Meeting new souls and sharing experiences is the cherry on top of this nomadic life.

Create the change you want. Everything is up to you. Your journey, your way.

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