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-First Time in Lisbon: Discovering the City
Hey there! 🌟 Welcome to the heart of Portugal, Lisbon, a city that’s not just the country’s capital but a pulsating hub of culture, history, and vibrant daily life. With a cozy population of...
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dominican republic
things to do in dominican republic
Hey there, fellow wanderers! 🌴 If you’re on the hunt for your next travel destination, let us point you towards a gem in the Caribbean that’s so much more than just stunning beaches and swaying...
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El nido
10 Best Things To Do in El Nido, Palawan
Hey there, adventurous souls! 🌴 If you’re dreaming of a destination that’s a true slice of paradise, then let’s talk about El Nido, Palawan. Picture this: hidden lagoons that whisper...
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Hey there, adventurous souls! 🌴 If you’re dreaming of a destination that’s a true slice of paradise, then let’s talk about El Nido, Palawan. Picture this: hidden lagoons that whisper tales of ancient secrets, towering limestone formations standing guard like age-old sentinels, sandbanks that stretch into the horizon, and islands so stunning they seem plucked […]

Ever thought of packing your laptop and your essentials into a backpack and hitting the road? Well, that’s what the digital nomad lifestyle is all about! Imagine waking up to the sound of waves or working from a cozy café in a historic city. Sounds tempting, right? But wait a minute, not every country rolls […]

Hey there, adventurous souls! 🌍 Welcome to the ultimate guide for living the digital nomad dream in Puerto Escondido. We’re diving deep into the world of coworking spaces and Nomad Friendly Cafés in Puerto Escondido, must-visit food spots, and exciting activities that’ll make you say, “Work? What work?” 😆 We got you covered on all […]

Hey there, nomads! 🌍 Welcome to your ultimate guide to Playa del Carmen coworking, specially curated for digital nomads and travelers alike. If you’re on the hunt for a place that combines work and play (and we mean literal play on stunning beaches), then you’re in the right spot. Nestled in the heart of the […]

Tucked away on Morocco’s Atlantic coast, this place offers more than just a beautiful view; it’s an experience of a lifetime. From wooden fishing boats to UNESCO world heritage sites, Essaouira is a world in itself. Our local Moroccan pal couldn’t stop raving about it, and once we visited, we totally got the hype. Sure, […]

Hey there, travel enthusiasts! 🌏 Ever thought about visiting Marrakech, the tourism heart of Morocco? If you haven’t, let us tell you—you’re missing out big time. This bustling city is like a cocktail of rich culture, endless markets, and downright fun activities that you don’t want to miss. By the time you finish reading this […]

Welcome to the definitive guide to living the dream as a digital nomad in Chiang Mai! 🎉 If you’ve ever googled “best places for digital nomads,” you’ve probably seen Chiang Mai pop up more times than you can count. Located in Thailand, this city is like the cool kid everyone wants to hang out with […]

Welcome to Pai, a little slice of heaven tucked away in Northern Thailand 🇹🇭! Often described as a bohemian paradise, Pai is a bustling hub for travelers, backpackers, and a vibrant local community. It’s got a hippie vibe that you’ll instantly fall in love with—think slow-paced life and boho lifestyle. But Pai is much more […]

Hey there, nomads! 🌏 Are you ready to find your next paradise on earth? You’re in for a treat, because we’re diving into everything you need to know about the best area in Koh Phangan – Srithanu. You might have heard of Koh Phangan because of its iconic “Full Moon Party.” 🌕 Yup, that’s right. […]

Ah, Canggu—Bali’s not-so-hidden gem that’s become a digital nomad paradise. 🌴 If you’ve ever dreamed of working just a coconut’s throw away from the beach, this is the place to be! From surfers to programmers, Canggu has something for everyone, particularly if you’re into both WiFi and waves. In this ultimate guide, we’re diving deep […]

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