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In today’s digital era, the possibilities for becoming a digital nomad have never been more promising. Whether you dream of working from exotic locations or seek the freedom to explore the world while earning a living, this lifestyle is within your reach. In this article, we’ll uncover six essential elements that can help you thrive as a digital nomad. From finding remote work and securing affordable accommodations to connecting with a like-minded community and ensuring a reliable internet connection, we’ve got you covered. Plus, we’ll share valuable tips on booking flights wisely and staying healthily insured with a provider tailored to the nomadic way of life. Let’s embark on this journey to make your digital nomad adventure a success!

Finding remote work

In today’s digital age, finding remote work mainly involves using different websites and online platforms. There are about twelve standout websites that can help you find remote job opportunities. These websites include:

  1. LinkedIn, which has a big network of professionals.
  2. Upwork and Freelancer, where you can find a wide range of freelance projects.
  3. Remote.co and We Work Remotely, which specialize in listing remote jobs.
  4. FlexJobs, known for offering trustworthy telecommuting opportunities.
  5. Indeed and Glassdoor, where you can find many job listings, including remote ones.
  6. Fiverr, a platform that connects freelancers with short-term gigs.
  7. Remote OK, which focuses on remote tech-related jobs.
  8. Guru, which is great for professional services.
  9. Virtual Vocations, dedicated to telecommuting jobs.

Alternatively, some professionals choose to work for themselves by offering online services in popular fields like web design, graphic design, digital marketing, writing, content creation, software development, consulting in various industries, and virtual assistance. This path gives you more freedom and control over your career in the digital world.

Working from Thailand
Working from Bali

Finding accommodations

Let’s begin with something not everyone may know about: a platform called TrustedHousesitters. This platform allows you to stay in people’s homes all around the world in exchange for taking care of their pets. It costs  119 euros per year, but if you use it even once, it can save you money. For instance, we’ve used it multiple times and stayed for up to a month each time.

Another way to find affordable accommodations is through Airbnb. Here’s a tip: always try messaging the apartment owner to ask for a discount, especially if you plan to stay for a long period. You can also negotiate outside the platform to avoid fees. To do this, you can suggest trading contact information through your Gmail accounts. For example- If it possible, I’d be happy to chat with you using my G and then specify the prefix before your email address.

A third option is to explore various Facebook groups. Nearly every city has groups for digital nomads, like ” Digital Nomads Koh Phangan.” In these groups, you can find a wealth of information shared by others, including local brokers.

Pet sitting in Athens

Finding communities

In the pursuit of finding a community, there are several creative and popular solutions. One such approach is the idea of coliving, which is a modern way of living together where people, often digital nomads or remote workers, share a living space. This setup not only offers an affordable way to live but also encourages a sense of community and collaboration among like-minded individuals. Various platforms help you find coliving spaces, like Coliving.com, Outsite, and Common, which provide options in different places worldwide.

Another great way to connect with a community of digital nomads is by participating in conferences and gatherings. Notably, the Nomad Cruise is a unique experience – a conference on a cruise ship that attracts around 400 nomads from all over the world. It offers a mix of networking, learning, and adventure on the high seas. We had the opportunity to do this journey from Spain to Brazil this year – check out the next one.

Another significant event is the Bensko Nomad Fest, an annual festival that takes place every July in one of Bulgaria’s famous ski towns. During the summer, this location transforms into a picturesque and peaceful setting, drawing over 700 nomads each year. This festival not only provides a chance to connect and learn but also to enjoy the beauty and serenity of the Bulgarian countryside.

Both of these events showcase the unique ways in which digital nomads are creating and nurturing their global community.

Nomad Cruise

stay connected to good Wifi

Navigating internet connectivity while traveling can be a mix of ease and smart planning, depending on how long you’ll be staying. For short trips, if your phone has eSIM technology, Airalo is a great option. This company lets you quickly get internet service in almost any country using their easy-to-use app, all in just a few minutes. This is especially useful if you need immediate online access when you arrive.

However, for longer stays, like those lasting three months or more, it’s better to go with a local approach. In these cases, it’s a good idea to buy a local SIM card, but avoid getting one at the airport where choices may be limited and prices higher. Instead, do a little research on Google before to make sure the service provider you pick has good coverage in the area where you’ll be staying.

When it comes to finding a place to stay, especially apartments, internet speed is really important. It’s highly recommended to ask the apartment owner for a speed test result before you book. This step is crucial and can’t be emphasized enough. Making sure the internet speed is good will keep you from the frustration of moving into an apartment only to find out the internet is too slow, which can be a big problem.

Deal with flights

When it comes to booking flights, a smart approach can really help make your travel experience smoother. One important tip is to avoid booking flights through third-party websites or agents. This is because it can cause problems if there are delays or changes to your flight schedule. It’s often easier to sort out these issues if you book directly with the airline.

A better strategy is to start by searching on websites like SkyScanner. They let you compare different flight options, prices, and schedules. Once you find the best flight, it’s a good idea to go to the airline’s official website to finish booking. Booking directly gives you more control and usually leads to better customer service if you need to change your travel plans.

Another thing to think about is which airport to depart from. Sometimes, travelers only look at the airport that’s closest to them and don’t check out other nearby options. However, leaving from a different airport nearby can sometimes save you a lot of money, often more than half the cost of the more obvious, convenient choice. This does mean you might have to do some extra research and possibly travel a bit more to the alternative airport, but the savings can be big, making it a good choice for travelers on a budget.

Stay covered healthily

Traveling as a digital nomad often means dealing with unexpected situations, especially when you’re in foreign countries. To reduce the risks that come with such uncertainties, it’s important to have reliable insurance. A great choice for digital nomads is SafetyWing. This insurance company is unique because it’s created by and for digital nomads. The people behind SafetyWing have firsthand experience with the nomadic lifestyle and understand the challenges faced by remote workers and travelers. Their insurance plans are designed to provide comprehensive coverage that meets the specific needs of the nomadic community. This includes help with health emergencies, travel disruptions, and replacing lost equipment, among other things. Choosing SafetyWing means you have an insurance provider that not only knows the ins and outs of nomadic life but is also committed to offering solutions that align with the ever-changing needs of the nomadic community. With SafetyWing, digital nomads can enjoy their global adventures and work commitments with added security and peace of mind.


In closing, the world of digital nomadism is a thrilling journey filled with endless opportunities and adventures. By mastering these essential elements, you’re well-equipped to navigate the challenges and savor the freedom of this lifestyle. So, pack your bags, power up your laptop, and embark on your own unique nomadic path. The world is your workplace, and the possibilities are boundless. Safe travels and happy nomading!

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