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Hey there, fellow adventurers! 🌴 If you’re on the hunt for your next dream destination, let us introduce you to the enchanting Coron, nestled in the heart of the Philippines. Imagine yourself surrounded by jaw-dropping limestone cliffs, dipping your toes into pristine white beaches, and diving into crystal-clear jade-green lakes. Sounds like a slice of paradise, doesn’t it? Well, that’s because it is!

Coron, a gem in the crown of Palawan Island, is not just a place; it’s a gateway to an unforgettable island-hopping adventure that promises to take your breath away. From the mesmerizing Kayangan Lake, known for its stunning underwater scenery, to the mysterious depths of Barracuda Lake, every spot you visit tells a unique story. Picture yourself gliding over the sparkling waters on a dream boat, hopping from one idyllic location to another—Twin Lagoon’s serene waters, the vibrant underwater life at Coral Garden, and the historic Skeleton Wreck beneath the waves.

But that’s not all—Coron’s small town charm adds to its allure, serving as the perfect base camp for explorers keen on venturing into the unknown. With island hopping tours designed to showcase the best of Coron’s islands, including the secluded Black Island and the picturesque Banana Island, you’re in for a treat. Each stop is a postcard come to life, with Siete Pecados and Malcapuya Island offering snapshots of nature’s unspoiled beauty.

And let’s not forget the sheer joy of snorkeling in spots where the water is so clear, you’ll feel like you’re flying above coral kingdoms. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-time visitor, Coron is a place that captures hearts and ignites wanderlust.

So, are you ready to embark on a journey to Coron, Palawan? Grab your snorkel, pack your adventure spirit, and join me as we dive into the ultimate travel guide to the best things to do in Coron, Philippines. Trust me, it’s an experience you won’t want to miss! 🏖️✈️🐠

Things to do

Day 1 in Coron : Coron Island Hopping

Island hopping in Coron isn’t just an activity; it’s an experience that captures the essence of tropical paradise. With tours aplenty, both private and shared options, you can tailor your adventure to match your dream. Whether you choose to mingle with fellow travelers or enjoy the exclusivity of a private tour, the magic of Coron’s islands is undeniable. Prices vary, but think of it as investing in memories that will last a lifetime. And yes, while each stunning location does have an entrance fee, the beauty you’ll witness is truly priceless.

1. The Local Market: A Taste of Coron

Start your day off with a vibrant burst of local life at Coron’s market. Here, with your guide by your side, you can pick out the freshest fish, fruits, and veggies for a sumptuous lunch prepared by your boat’s crew. Remember to hydrate with some drinking water for the day ahead. Pro tip: Have a hearty breakfast before you visit because the market’s raw and real nature is as authentic as it gets.

2. Kayangan Lake: The Jewel of Coron

Kayangan Lake, often dubbed the “Cleanest Lake in the Philippines,” is a treasure trove of crystal-clear emerald water, accessible only by a short but rewarding 300-step hike. The effort to reach the lake is well worth it, not just for the refreshing dip but also for the breathtaking viewpoint over the boat docks. The lake’s pristine condition is a testament to the dedicated care of the local community, showcasing the beauty of responsible tourism.

3. Twin Lagoon: A Snorkeler’s Dream

Next on our list is the mesmerizing Twin Lagoon. Nestled between towering limestone cliffs, this expansive lagoon is accessible through a thrilling swim-through gap. Once inside, the world beneath the waves is yours to explore. Snorkeling along the cliff edges reveals an incredible array of underwater life, making for an unforgettable experience. To truly enjoy the serenity of Twin Lagoon, timing is everything—ask your captain to help dodge the crowds for a more intimate encounter with nature.

4. Banol Beach: A Seaside Dream

No island-hopping tour is complete without a stop at Banol Beach, where soft white sands meet the shimmer of crystal-clear waters. Here, you’re invited to indulge in a sumptuous lunch prepared right on the boat, featuring local delicacies like eggplant salad, grilled fish or chicken, fresh fruits, and rice. It’s the perfect spot to relax, sunbathe, and let the world drift away.

5. Barracuda Lake: Dive Into the Abyss

Dive deeper into Coron’s allure with a visit to Barracuda Lake, a place that feels otherworldly. Known for its unreal clarity, the lake offers snorkelers and divers a unique experience as they explore beneath the surface, where limestone cliffs plunge into the depths. The freshwater’s buoyancy is lesser than saltwater, making flippers a handy tip for an enhanced exploration.

6. Culinary Delights: Savoring Coron’s Flavors

After a day filled with adventure and awe, treat yourself to the culinary delights of Coron. Altrove, a gem among local eateries, serves up delicious pizzas that draw a crowd every evening. To avoid the wait, aim to arrive before 7 PM and end your day on a high note, savoring flavors that are as memorable as the day’s explorations.

Day 2 in Coron: A Journey Through the Heart of the Town

Motorbike Adventure

Kickstart your day with a sense of freedom by renting a motorbike for just 500 PHP (about 9.5 USD). It’s not just about the destination but the journey, as you navigate through Coron’s picturesque landscapes and local life. The shop right at the corner across the fountain is where you can pick up your ride for the day, setting the stage for an unforgettable exploration.

7. Cabo Beach: A Hidden Gem

Your first stop, Cabo Beach, is a serene escape, perfect for those looking to unwind. This small stretch of sand, with cozy huts, offers a peaceful retreat. The entrance fee is a modest 50 PHP per person, a small price for the tranquility that awaits. As you follow the path along the waterside, you’ll pass through local villages, where the curious eyes and friendly interactions with children add a heartwarming dimension to your adventure.

8. Lunch at Summer Cafe

When hunger strikes, head over to Summer Cafe, a trendy hideout known for its delicious offerings and a cool ambiance. Nestled in a quaint side street, this cafe serves up a delightful lunch menu. Don’t miss out on their yogurt with fruit, a refreshing alternative to traditional Filipino cuisine, paired perfectly with the cafe’s cozy atmosphere and the added bonus of WiFi to catch up with the world or plan your next stop.

9. Conquering Mt. Tapyas

As the day cools down, embark on a hike to Mt. Tapyas. It’s a journey of 750 steps to the top, but the effort is rewarded tenfold with panoramic views of Coron Bay. The iconic Hollywood-style ‘CORON’ sign welcomes you at the summit, marking your achievement. Aim to start your ascent around 4 PM to avoid the day’s peak heat and to be in time for one of the most mesmerizing sunsets you’ll ever witness. The view from the top is not just a visual treat but a moment of reflection on the natural beauty that surrounds you.

10. Soothe Your Senses at Maquinit Hot Springs

After a day of exploration, imagine dipping into the warm embrace of the Maquinit Hot Springs. These unique natural salt-water springs, nestled amidst a lush mangrove forest, offer a soothing retreat with a picturesque ocean view. As the sun dips below the horizon, the sky painted in shades of orange and purple, the 40-degree waters of Maquinit provide a tranquil spot to unwind. With an entry fee of merely 200 PHP (about 4 USD), this experience is a blissful end to any day spent adventuring. 🌅

11. Embark on a Dream Boat Expedition

Envision yourself aboard a dream boat, gliding over the glass-like surface of Coron’s waters, heading towards the enigmatic beauty of El Nido. This journey isn’t just a transfer; it’s a 4-day expedition that promises to be the highlight of your Coron escapade. With Big Dream Boatman, you’re invited to explore secluded lagoons, dive into the underwater spectacle of vibrant coral gardens, and marvel at the limestone cliffs that stand as nature’s masterpiece. 🚤💦

How to get to Coron

🛫 Flying to Coron: The Sky Route

The quickest and most convenient way to reach Coron is by air, with direct flights available from Manila or El Nido. Imagine yourself soaring above the clouds, embarking on a journey that takes you directly into the heart of Palawan’s majestic scenery. A flight from Manila to Busuanga Airport, the gateway to your Coron adventure, lasts about 1.5 hours. From there, it’s a scenic 30-minute drive to Coron town, where the real adventure begins.

During the high season, flights from Manila typically cost around 90 USD per person, offering a swift and comfortable journey to this island paradise. For those exploring the wonders of El Nido, a short 40-minute flight connects you directly to Busuanga Airport, with fares in the high season around 100 USD per person. These flights not only save you time but also provide a bird’s-eye view of the stunning Palawan archipelago.

🚢 Sailing to Coron: The Sea Route

For the more adventurous souls, the journey to Coron by sea offers a unique and memorable experience. If you’re coming from Manila, consider taking the overnight ferry—a voyage that lasts about 11 hours and sets sail on Thursdays and Sundays. This journey allows you to embrace the tranquility of the sea and arrive in Coron with stories of the stars and the gentle waves.

Alternatively, if you’re venturing from El Nido, hop on a ferry for a scenic ride that lasts approximately 4.5 hours—though be prepared, as the sea’s telling might suggest a shorter journey of about 3 hours. With tickets priced at around 30 USD per person, this route offers a blend of comfort, affordability, and the chance to witness the picturesque beauty of the sea as you make your way to Coron.

Where to Stay

Finding the perfect place to rest your head in Coron doesn’t have to be a puzzle, even if you’re watching your wallet. 🌟 Coron Town is the hotspot for accommodation, offering a variety of options to fit every budget. While you might not wake up with the beach at your doorstep, you’ll be in the heart of the action, close to the departure points for those mesmerizing island hopping tours and a stone’s throw away from the best eateries and cultural spots. Whether you’re looking to splurge a bit or keep things tight on the budget, staying in town ensures you’re never far from your next adventure. 🏨✨

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