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Valencia, oh Valencia! 😍 Nestled on Spain’s southeastern coast, this vibrant city isn’t just home to sun-kissed beaches and the birthplace of paella. No, sir! Valencia’s entrepreneurial scene is buzzing like a bee on caffeine. Creatives, self-starters, and those cool tech folks have found their hive here, and what’s sweeter than honey? Coworking spaces, of course!

The rise of coworking spaces in Valencia isn’t just a trend; it’s a revolution. Forget those old-school cubicles, Valencia’s coworking spaces are like a breath of fresh air (sometimes with natural light too!). Whether you’re a dedicated desk hunter or a flexible passerby in need of a place to plug in your laptop, there’s a space for you.

So, dear reader, buckle up! 🎢 This post will take you on a tour through 10 of the best coworking spaces in Valencia. We’ll explore their quirky characteristics, monthly access perks, meeting rooms, and even a bit about that lovely vortex (not a sci-fi thing, we promise). Whether you’re a local entrepreneur or a digital nomad passing through the city centre, this guide is your golden ticket to coworking heaven in Valencia. Let’s dive in! 🏊‍♂️

Why Valencia? – Understanding the Appeal

Ah, Valencia! There’s just something about it that’s more captivating than a cat video on the internet. 🐱 But what’s the charm, you ask? Grab a virtual tour guide hat, and let’s explore!

Valencia’s Culture & History

Valencia isn’t just a pretty face. It’s like an elegant grandparent filled with tales of history, vibrant culture, and the occasional spicy anecdote. From its architectural marvels like the City of Arts and Sciences to the rich traditions of Las Fallas festival, Valencia is a melting pot of the past, present, and future.

Business Environment

Move over, Silicon Valley! Valencia’s business environment is not to be outdone. The city’s fostering a climate that loves innovation as much as a cookie monster loves cookies 🍪. With attractive tax incentives, government support, and a growing network of entrepreneurs, Valencia’s quickly becoming the cool kids’ table for businesses. And guess what? They’re letting everyone in!

A Playground for Freelancers, Entrepreneurs, and Creatives

Now, what makes Valencia such an attractive hangout spot for digital nomads, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and creatives? Well, it’s more than just the sunny weather (though that’s a bonus ☀️).

  1. Coworking Spaces Galore: From Vortex Centro to Surf Office, the coworking spaces in Valencia are as flexible and diverse as a professional yoga instructor. Whether you need a dedicated desk or a rooftop terrace to brainstorm, it’s all here.
  2. Affordable Living: Your wallet will give you a high five! The cost of living is a friend, not a foe in Valencia. That means more tapas and less stress.
  3. Community Feeling: There’s a sense of camaraderie in Valencia that’s as warm and inviting as a freshly baked churro. Networking events, international coworking vibes, and supportive communities are the norm here.
  4. Natural Light and Happy Faces: Seriously, everyone seems to be smiling here. Maybe it’s the natural light or the endless access to amazing coworking spaces, but happiness seems to be in the air.

So there you have it, folks! Valencia is not just another city on the map; it’s an exciting chapter in your nomad journey. Come for the paella, stay for the inspiring community and the countless opportunities to work, collaborate, and thrive.

Coworking in valencia

The Top 12 Coworking Spaces in Valencia

Wayco Ruzafa

  • Location: Heart of the city, Carrer de l’Almirall Cadarso, 26, Valencia, Spain, surrounded by old tenement buildings.
  • Amenities: Spacious collaborative workspace, relaxing recreation room, professional facilities including a cafeteria and fully-equipped meeting rooms (Note: Shared desk memberships don’t include lockers or printing).
  • Space: A clean and beautiful coworking space that’s perfect for enjoying work and relaxation 🌟.
  • Social Aspect: Plenty of opportunities to socialize, have a beer, and network with other coworkers – it’s all about community here!
  • Pricing: €95/week for shared desk, €25 /day, €95/month.
  • Website:
Photo by nomadstwogo

Garage Coworking Valencia

  • Location: Calle del, Carrer del Moro Zeid, 11, Valencia, Spain – two floors of coworking awesomeness.
  • Amenities: Fully-equipped kitchen with fridge, microwaves, cooking utensils, coffee machine, and more. Plus, secure bike storage for the cycling enthusiasts.
  • Space: A comfortable space spread across two floors, with a popular rooftop terrace for BBQs and community paella events. Yum!
  • Social Aspect: Meet like-minded professionals from various industries, and enjoy the welcoming English-speaking staff. It’s a melting pot of creativity and collaboration!
  • Pricing: €70/week for shared desk, €20/day, 140,00€/month.
  • Website:
Photo by Garage

Vortex Playa

  • Location: Popular neighborhoods, Vortex Playa, Carrer de la Reina; Vortex Centro, Calle Sorní.
  • Amenities: Relaxation area, kitchenette, patio garden, soundproof cabin booths, lockers, events, and socials.
  • Space: Choice of fixed desks, hotdesks, private offices, and meeting rooms.
  • Social Aspect: Community-focused, collaboration and professional growth.
  • Pricing: €70/week for shared desk, €20/day.
  • Website:
Photo by Vortex


  • Location: Heart of Valencia, Carrer de Colón.
  • Amenities: Natural light, ergonomic furniture, meeting rooms, fibre optic internet, kitchen, free refreshments.
  • Space: Spacious individual tables for screens, printers, or cabinets.
  • Social Aspect: Calming environment promoting productivity.
  • Pricing: €60/week, €160/month, €15/day, half-day passes available.
  • Website:
Photo by Llum


  • Location: Valencia’s Old City district, Carrer de les Garrigues.
  • Amenities: 24/7 access, printing, kitchen, Nespresso Coffee corner, child-friendly.
  • Space: Hot desking, six exclusive offices, equipped meeting rooms.
  • Social Aspect: Welcoming and collaborative environment.
  • Pricing: €200/week for hot desking, €40/day.
Photo by 1punto6

Centro Coworking

  • Location: Business center of Valencia, Gran Via del Marqués del Túria.
  • Amenities: Training room, meeting room, high-speed internet, printer/scanner, kitchen.
  • Space: Fixed private offices, hot desking with flexible vouchers.
  • Social Aspect: Personal touch and adaptability.
  • Pricing: 10-hour vouchers for €100.
  • Website:
Photo by Centro

Tiovivo Creativo

  • Location: Ruzafa district, connected to the city.
  • Amenities: Internet, printer/scanner, meeting room, kitchen, lockable desk drawers for fulltime members.
  • Space: Classic post-modernist design, tranquil interior garden.
  • Social Aspect: Encourages professional synergies, creative environment.
  • Pricing: €115/month part-time, €190 full-time (discounts for yearly payments).
  • Website:
Photo by Creativo

International Coworking

  • Location: Valencia’s main shopping streets, Carrer de Colón.
  • Amenities: Rooftop terrace, high-speed internet, meeting rooms (for monthly members), private lockers, Spanish lessons.
  • Space: Open desk workspace.
  • Social Aspect: Encourages professional growth, community engagement.
  • Pricing: €30/week, €90/month for 24-hour access, €10/day.
  • Website:
Photo by International

BOSTON coworking

  • Location: City center, Carrer d’Espinosa.
  • Amenities: Kitchen, high-speed internet, printer & scanner, locker.
  • Space: Various beautifully designed work areas.
  • Social Aspect: Suitable for freelancers and small teams.
  • Pricing: €72 for 6 days/3 months, €196/month for a fixed desk, €17/day.
  • Website:
Photo by Boston

Botánico Coworking

  • Location: Historic city center, Carrer del Túria.
  • Amenities: Outdoor terrace, natural light, meeting rooms, printing/scanning, free tea & water.
  • Space: Expansive space with white walls and natural vibe.
  • Social Aspect: Creativity and collaboration, nature-focused.
  • Pricing: €150/month, €250 for private desk for two, €12/day.
  • Website:
Photo by Botanico


  • Location: Neighbourhood of Ruzafa, Calle del Pintor Gisbert.
  • Amenities: Meeting rooms, fibre optic internet, printing equipment, kitchen, relaxation area.
  • Space: Dynamic environment for professionals from various sectors.
  • Social Aspect: Well-equipped kitchen and relaxation area to mingle with other members.
  • Pricing: €150/month for 24-hour weekday access.
  • Website:
Photo by Garzon


  • Location: Carrer de Borrull.
  • Amenities: Kitchen with fridge, sink, coffee machine, microwave, terrace.
  • Space: Large workspace over two islands, separate multi-purpose room.
  • Social Aspect: Terrace ideal for relaxing and socialising, unconventional setting.
  • Pricing: €150/month for dedicated desk.
  • Website:
Photo by W.I.L.D

How to Choose the Right Coworking Space – A Mini-Guide

Fear not, fellow coworker, here’s a mini-guide to help you choose the right coworking space that’ll feel like home, only with better coffee and less laundry.

Location, Location, Location! 🗺️

Valencia has coworking spaces peppered all over the city centre, Ruzafa, near the beach, or close to vortexes of creativity. Pick a place near your favorite coffee shop, or maybe near that lovely rooftop terrace. Carrer de Colón, Vortex Playa, or Vortex Centro, anyone?

Amenities: The Perks! 🎉

From high-speed internet to surf office vibes, find the coworking Valencia space that fits your fancy. Need natural light for those insta-worthy desk snaps? Or access to cookie-filled kitchens? (Because who doesn’t love cookies? 🍪) Take note of what’s essential for your work and comfort.

Community: Find Your Tribe! 👩‍💻👨‍💻

Some coworking spaces foster an international coworking vibe, while others may feel like a close-knit community of local creatives. Looking for dedicated desk pals, flexible work buddies, or private office gossip comrades? Understanding the community vibe is key.

Understanding Your Needs and Preferences 🤔

  • Desk Choices: Month-to-month, dedicated desk, or hotdesking? Know what suits you.
  • Meeting Spaces: From meeting rooms to virtual office options, make sure your coworking space caters to your office needs.
  • Access and Flexibility: Need 24/7 access or just a few passes a month? Check what’s available.
  • Price Point: From a month of unlimited access to one-day passes, choose something that won’t break the bank.

Some Questions you might ask yourself:

Q: What’s this buzz about coworking in Valencia?

A: Valencia isn’t just home to stunning architecture and delicious paella. It’s also a hotspot for coworking spaces! Whether you’re a digital nomad, freelancer, or a small team, there’s a space in Valencia with the perfect desk and community vibe for you.

Q: Are there any coworking spaces near the beach? 🏖️

A: Absolutely! If you want to catch some waves between meetings, you’ll find options like Vortex Playa. Work hard, surf harder, right?

Q: I need 24/7 access to my office. Is that common?

A: Many coworking spaces in Valencia offer 24/7 access. So, if you’re a night owl or an early bird, you can find a place that suits your work rhythm. No more watching the clock! ⏰

Q: Can I find a private office or is it all open space?

A: You can find both! Whether you like a dedicated desk in an open space or need a private office for your team, Valencia’s coworking spaces have got you covered.

Q: What about meeting rooms? I need them for client meetings.

A: Most coworking spaces in Valencia provide meeting rooms. So, whether it’s a virtual office meeting, a client catch-up, or a brainstorming session with your team, you’ll find the perfect spot.

Q: Are there any spaces that offer unique amenities like rooftop terraces or Spanish lessons?

A: Oh, you bet! From International Coworking’s rooftop terrace to on-site Spanish lessons, Valencia’s coworking spaces love to sprinkle in some extra special perks.

Q: Cookie-filled kitchens? Really?

A: Okay, we might have gotten a bit excited with that one. But hey, who’s stopping you from bringing a cookie jar to your workspace? 😉


And there you have it, dear reader, a whirlwind tour of Valencia’s buzzing coworking scene! 🎉 From the heart of the city centre to the laid-back beach vibes of Vortex Playa, Valencia’s coworking spaces have something to tickle everyone’s fancy.

Looking for natural light to brighten your workday? Spaces like Llum and Botánico Coworking are all about that sunny glow. Need dedicated desks and private offices? Choices abound from BOSTON coworking to W.I.L.D., each offering unique perks and community connections. And hey, don’t forget about those rooftop terraces and quirky amenities that sprinkle some extra fun into your workday.

Valencia isn’t just a beautiful city with a rich history; it’s a flexible, vibrant coworking haven that invites you to bring your work, passion, and ideas to the table. Whether you’re in town for a month or making Valencia your new home, these coworking spaces are ready to welcome you with open arms.

So grab a day pass, pull up a desk chair, and make yourself at home. Your Valencia coworking adventure awaits, and it’s sure to be as colorful and inviting as a Valencian sunset. 🌅 Enjoy the journey, and happy coworking! 🎈👩‍💻👨‍💻

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