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Welcome to Ubud, Bali’s serene and soulful corner, often considered the island’s cultural and spiritual hub. Picture lush green rice terraces, intricate temples, and yes—the chillest vibes you can imagine. It’s as if Mother Nature herself took a paintbrush and lovingly created this masterpiece of a location.

But hey, we’re not just here to bask in the glorious Balinese sunsets or explore the Monkey Forest. Although those are fab, today we’re on a different kind of expedition—one that leads us to cozy corners and aromatic atmospheres. That’s right, we’re talking about cafes where you can munch on delicious breakfast while smashing out those work emails or finishing your travel blog. 🍳💻

Ubud isn’t just a hotspot for yoga retreats and Campuhan Ridge Walk selfies, it’s also becoming the go-to place for digital nomads. Cafes here offer way more than just a caffeine fix. Picture this: lazy cats lounging around, top-notch coffee roastery experiences, and maybe even a smoothie bowl or two for the health nuts. From the well-known spots like Anomali Coffee Ubud and Seniman Coffee Studio to hidden gems you might not find in most travel guides.

So, grab your travel tips notebook and gear up because this guide is your one-stop-shop to the best cafes in Ubud for work and breakfast. Whether you’re a seasoned digital nomad or someone who simply enjoys sipping coffee while answering emails.

Campuhan Ridge Walk

The Importance of a Good Café

So, you’ve got your laptop, a to-do list as long as your arm, and a hankering for some quality coffee. ☕💻 But hold up! Not every café is going to be your work-from-coffee-shop dream spot. So, what sets apart a regular café from a work-friendly haven?

First off, let’s talk Wi-Fi, the bread and butter for any digital nomad. A café without Wi-Fi is like a beach with no ocean—pretty but not functional. When you’re working, you need a reliable and strong Wi-Fi connection to make sure you can send that important email or attend that Zoom meeting without any hitches.

Next up, power outlets! 🙌 Imagine being in the zone, typing away, and your laptop decides it’s nap time. That’s a real vibe killer, right? Look for a café that’s generous with its power outlets so you can plug in and power through your tasks.

Lastly, the setting. Ah, the ambiance! 🌿💡 This isn’t just for Instagram aesthetics, folks. A comfortable setting can actually up your productivity levels. Think cozy chairs, soft lighting, and maybe even some chill background music. Plus, a work-friendly café understands that you might be sticking around for more than just a quick cuppa, so they provide a setting that makes you want to stay.

By looking for these three essentials—strong Wi-Fi, ample power outlets, and a comfy setting—you’ll turn any café-hopping experience in Ubud into a productive (and delicious!) affair.

Top Cafes to Work From in Ubud: Where Productivity Meets Yummy!

Parq Ubud

Call it an empire in the making; Parq Ubud is more than just a café. This complex houses several different shops, holds events, concerts, and even has real estate consultants on-site (talk about multitasking!). 💼🎶 As for the café itself, the seating is ample and comfortable, often near power outlets. The vibe is warm, welcoming, and you can stay as long as you like without feeling out of place.

Parq Ubud
Parq Ubud

Alchemy Bali

If you’re on the hunt for an organic and vegan haven, look no further. Alchemy Bali is a cozy spot with zen vibes that’ll make you feel at ease the moment you step in. 🌿 Choose from their delightful menu of custom healthy bowls and let the friendly staff educate you about their health benefits. Plus, they’ve got a little shop selling organic produce and other eco-friendly goodies. Perfect for a mid-day shopping spree!

Alchemy Bali
Alchemy Bali

Zest Ubud

Zest Ubud is a must-visit for anyone looking for a unique ambiance and delectable food options. 😍 Get there early to snag the perfect quiet spot for working. But beware, it does get busy! The vibe makes you instantly feel like, “Wow, it’s so nice here!” And let’s not forget about the food—it’s a delightful mix of vegan and local produce options.

Zest Ubud
Zest Ubud

Anomali Coffee Ubud

Coffee lovers, make some noise! 📣 Anomali Coffee Ubud offers arguably the best coffee in town. The space might not be huge, but it’s cozy enough that you’ll see folks setting up their laptops and getting work done without feeling cramped. Did we mention how awesome the coffee is? You’ve got to try it!

Anomali Coffee Ubud
Anomali Coffee Ubud

Clear Coffee

Clear Coffee is like stepping into an Instagram dream. 🌈 The atmosphere and décor are out of this world! You’ll find different seating options, whether you’re in a formal mood or just want to kick back a bit. Oh, and the food? Beyond delicious! It’s a work-friendly environment where you can switch from serious to chill mode whenever you want.

Outpost Ubud

Outpost Ubud Penestanan, arguably the king of coworking spaces in Ubud. This spot offers a great subscription plan that even lets you hop between its Ubud and Canggu locations. Talk about convenience! 🌏 Seating options are diverse; you can bask in nature in their large outdoor wooden space or go for the air-conditioned room if Bali’s heat gets too intense (although that room is a bit snug, so be prepared). Bonus: the amazing Alchemy coffee shop is right next door, adding an extra layer of yum to your day.

Outpost Ubud
Outpost Ubud

Rusters Coffee

Last but definitely not least, we have Rusters Coffee. 🌾 Tucked away a bit from the central hustle and bustle of Ubud, this café offers a refreshing change of scenery with its view of rice paddies. The coffee and food are supreme, making it well worth the ride. Whether you work there or just come to soak in the atmosphere, you won’t be disappointed!


And there you have it, folks! Each café is a world in itself, offering a unique blend of atmosphere, food, and work vibes. Choose your favorite and get those creative juices flowing! 💡

Tips for Digital Nomads in Ubud

Hey, you digital wanderers! 🌐 Ready to make the most out of your café work experience in Ubud? Let’s dive into some insider tips.

  1. Co-Working Passes: co-working passes. Outpost Ubud Penestanan has plans that let you work from their Canggu branch too. Two birds, one stone!
  2. Happy Hours: Keep an eye out for ‘happy hours’ or special deals on food and beverages. Your pocket will thank you!
  3. Wi-Fi Speed: Don’t just settle for any café. Some places, like Parq Ubud, offer super-fast Wi-Fi, crucial for those video calls or large file transfers.
  4. Off-Peak Hours: Want to avoid the crowd? Go early or during off-peak hours. You’ll get the best spots and better Wi-Fi speed.
  5. Plug Points: Opt for cafés with ample power outlets. The last thing you want is your laptop dying mid-Zoom!
  6. Trial and Error: Every café has its unique vibe. Don’t hesitate to café-hop until you find your perfect match.
  7. Community Events: Some cafés, like Parq, host events or workshops. Great for networking or taking a break from screen time.


  1. Can I stay all day?
    Most cafés in Ubud are pretty chill about you spending the day. But it’s always good to order something now and then as a courtesy.
  2. Is the Wi-Fi reliable?
    For the most part, yes! But always better to have a backup like a local SIM with data just in case.
  3. Are these cafés vegan-friendly?
    Absolutely! Places like Alchemy Bali and Zest Ubud offer great vegan options.
  4. How busy do these cafés get?
    Well, they can get pretty packed, especially during lunch hours. Early mornings or late afternoons are generally quieter.


And that’s a wrap, folks! 🎬 Ubud is more than just a spiritual sanctuary; it’s a haven for digital nomads too. From דuber-cool coworking spaces to cafes that make you go “wow,” there’s something for every kind of remote worker. Fast Wi-Fi, scrumptious food, and awe-inspiring settings—what’s not to love? So why are you still reading? Pack up that laptop and head over to explore Ubud’s vibrant café scene for yourself. Happy café-hopping! 🎒☕

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